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Workmanship means everything to us. That’s why we believe in going the extra mile to meet all your air conditioning needs.
Because we stand by the quality of our services, any issues following our service will be handled promptly, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.
Our aircon services are designed to be cost-effective, ensuring you get the best value for your money in Singapore while keeping your comfort a top priority.

Our Aircon Services

Aircon Installation

Aircon Installation
We offer expert installation of residential and commercial aircon units from all the popular brands, ranging from affordable to premium. Our skilled team will ensure your aircon systems are properly installed using best practices. Unsure what aircon type, brand or system to get? Contact us to assess your needs and make a tailored recommendation.

Aircon Servicing

Aircon Installation
Engage the best aircon contractors in Singapore to sort out all your aircon issues, ensuring optimal and reliable performance. We offer one-time servicing as well as flexible servicing packages to suit all needs and preferences. Remember, regular servicing keeps your aircon units in tip-top shape and protects against big, unexpected costs in the future!

Reconditioned Aircon

Aircon Installation
We offer refurbished aircon units at significantly cheaper prices than new ones, allowing you to enjoy cost savings while contributing to sustainability efforts. If you are not particular about using secondhand aircons, without compromising on quality (as we will have performed thorough checks), contact us to find out more about the reconditioned aircons we have on offer.
If your aircon is leaking or not as cool anymore, it's time to book a service appointment with the Aircon Gurus.
Call us at 6970 9969 to restore the comfort and coolness in your home.

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We offer installation and servicing for the most popular aircon brands in Singapore.
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